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3 Common Misconceptions About Well Water

well drillingGetting water from a well on your property is a safe and inexpensive way to meet your family’s needs. However, there are numerous incorrect beliefs about well water that have become increasingly common. As your resource for well drilling and testing, we’d like to address a few common misconceptions about well water so that it’s easier to see the benefits of installing a well on your property.

Myth #1: Municipal Water Sources Provide Better Quality Water

One extremely common myth is that well water simply isn’t good to use in your home — whether that’s to cook with, bathe in, or clean your clothing. Most people believe that municipal water sources provide better quality water. This just isn’t true. It’s also estimated that over 13 million households in the U.S. use private wells as their primary source of drinking water. If you’re one of these homes, don’t feel as if you have to move to the city to enjoy quality water. Instead, contact a local well testing service to see if they can improve the quality of the water you already have.

Myth #2: Private Wells Frequently Dry Up

Another myth about well water is that private wells dry up frequently. The reality is that a home well may dry up occasionally, but this typically depends on the local groundwater table and how wet or dry the weather has been throughout your area. If it is one of the rare occasions where something’s wrong with the well itself or with your well pump, a well drilling company can quickly remedy the situation for you. Under normal circumstances, you won’t ever have to worry about your well drying up.

Myth #3: Wells Are Too Expensive To Maintain

Many people believe that wells are far too expensive to maintain and that it’s better to pay a monthly municipal water bill instead. However, a quick search with phrases like “well pump installation in Fall City, WA” or the region that you are based in can land you on the sites of reputed professionals who can provide better assistance. Also, these municipal water bills can add up dramatically over months and years. When you do the math, well water is often far less expensive than paying a monthly water bill. The well just seems more expensive because the bill is paid when something goes wrong, instead of in payments over several years.

Utilizing a well on your property is a great way to supply your home with water throughout the year. If you develop any issues with the pump, water supply, or minerals in the water, simply reach out to a local well drilling and testing firm. We can assist you with finding a solution to your problem so that you’ll continue to have the supply of fresh, clear water that your family needs.