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New Construction

New Construction Installer

JB Water Well has been a primary new construction installer in the Oklahoma City area for almost 20 years. Builders know us, trust us and realize that JB Water Well does things the right way.  Builders also love the fact that we keep a detailed database system to record all jobs with pictures of all installations.  If there are questions, we can be reached and accurately discuss any particular install on the spot, because we have all records down to the last detail.

Imagine being able to call JB Water Well with a question about a pressure tank and JB Water Well immediately able to respond, “Yes, that system was installed on March 17th at 10:30 am.  It is located in a garage closet located 7 inches from the north wall with the inlet service pipe making a 90 degree turn prior to connection”.  We can talk about all this in one call!  No longer will a builder call and have to wait days to hear back OR require us to come out to the site to see the install JUST to talk about a situation.

The data systems at JB Water Well saves everyone time and money.   We maintain images of all services in the field for our records and we can make those images available to you at your request anytime.  Additionally, JB Water Well always offers a one year warranty with all new systems with 3 year warranty upgrade available.

Constant Pressure Systems

All JB Water Well standard systems are able to be upgraded to a constant pressure system.  A constant pressure system adds value to your home, extends pump warranty, and increases pressure throughout house, while extending the life of your pump.  Simply a win-win-win JB Water Well offers.

Well System Maintenance Programs

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  It’s true! At JB Water Well, we see it every day.  Had one taken the steps to perform simple maintenance, costly repairs would have been avoided.  Let JB Water Well perform Bi annual filter change and maintenance, quarterly maintenance and even monthly softener salt refill.  Our service maintenance program costs are FAR less than the cost to replace or repair systems.  We have your back.