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What To Do After Well Disinfection

Steps to Take After Well Disinfection

Here are the recommended steps to take after your well has been disinfected with unscented bleach.

Step 1

Let the bleach stay in the system for 12 hours without running the water, if possible. But at least 2 hours.

Step 2

Option 1: If you have a Frost‐Free Faucet, turn the faucet on closest to the well and let run until the bleach is purged.

*Make sure to remove water hose and let run open flow.
*May need to put something under faucet to prevent the water from washing the dirt out.

Option 2: If you have a buried Valve, hook up PVC to the valve and purge the system from that point. Run water until the bleach is purged.

Option 3: If you do not have above options, then run as much water throughout house as possible until the bleach is purged.

*Making sure that the pump is not cycling.

Important Notes:

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