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What To Do After Whole House Well Disinfection

How To Restart the Well System After Disinfecting The Whole House

Here are the steps you should take after unscented bleach is used to disinfect not only your well but your whole house’s water system.

Step 1

Run water to hot and cold faucets throughout the house until you smell bleach.

Step 2

Let water sit in the system for 24 hours.

Step 3

Purge bleach from the well first. Refer to the Steps to Take After Well Disinfection.

Step 4

When bleach has been fully purged from well, run water throughout house until bleach is gone.
* Hot water will take longer since it must move through the water heater.

Step 5

Turn water heater back on.
* Electric water heater – Turn on breaker in breaker panel.
*Gas water heater – Turn knob from pilot to desired heat setting.

Step 6

If you have a water softener – Take water softener out of bypass mode.

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