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How to Change a Water Filter

Changing a Whole House Water Filter

This is an easy process once you have gone through the process a couple of times.  Here we break down the tools you need and provide step-by-step instructions for this home maintenance chore. If you don’t have time or would just prefer to have us come take care of it for you, we offer filter change service.

Gather the items below and have them handy to make this as easy and quick as possible.

Item List

Now that you have everything you will need gathered together, let’s get to work.

Step 1 – Locate Filter Housing

This is usually mounted on the wall in the utility closet. It is a big blue filter housing with black top and white bracket.

Step 2 – Isolate Water Filter

Option 1. Turn off valves on both sides of filter.
Option 2. If you only have one valve. Turn off the house valve and drain pressure in the house by turning on a faucet and letting it run down.
Option 3. If there are no valves, turn off the well and drain the system by turning on a water hose and letting it run.

Important Note: You will not be able to remove filter if there is water pressure on it.

Step 3 – Relieve Pressure from Filter

    1. Place bucket or towel under filter to catch water.
    2. Push the red button on top of filter until water stops.

Step 4 – Remove and Replace Filter

    1. Slide filter wrench on blue filter housing from bottom
    2. Turn wrench to the left to loosen filter housing.
      * Make sure bucket or towel is there to catch water.
      * Housing is full of water and can be heavy.
      * Locate black o-ring. (should be on top of housing or in top piece)
    3. Remove and trash old filter.
    4. Clean and sanitize inside of filter housing.
    5. Insert new filter.
    6. Inspect old o-ring for stretching, tears, and flat spots.
      * Replace o-ring if needed.
    7. Place o-ring on top of filter in groove.

Step 5 – Reinstall Filter Housing

    1. Carefully reinstall housing by slowly inserting back up into filter base.
      * Watching to not bump o ring off.
    2. Tighten housing to the right.
      * Hand tighten only. Do not over tighten.
    3. Open valve quickly from water source to filter.
    4. Check for leaks.
    5. Turn house Valve back on.

That’s all there is to it.  Congratulations you have finished this honey do!


If you need to order replacement filters and/or o-rings, just give us a call.  Additionally, if you don’t have time or would just prefer to have us come take care of it for you, we offer filter change service.