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3 Major Signs That Your Well Needs Repairs

well system repair

There are so many benefits of keeping a water well rather than relying upon public water systems. For one thing, well water owners are often able to ensure that they don’t overuse their water, and therefore end up spending less money in the long term and wasting fewer resources. For another, private well owners are able to control their own water more. They can filter and soften their water as they wish, and can furthermore ensure that their water is more natural and less compromised by the chemicals added to public city water. With that being said, wells are not perfect.

There are a lot of issues that come with being responsible for your own water, as much as the benefits outweigh those issues. At times, well system repairs are needed with the help of a local plumbing service. The most important thing is that well owners recognize the warning signs of well issues and can have those repairs tended to as quickly as possible. Water wells can become damaged, yes. But that damage can also be mitigated! With that in mind, let’s explore some of the signs of well damage.

1. Water Pressure Issues

If you turn on your sink or shower and the water pressure is weak, this could be a sign that you are in need of a well system repair. Reduced water pressure is actually one of the most common well issues that a well owner may have to deal with, and it isn’t always indicative of a major problem.

Usually, this will mean that a pump needs to be repaired or replaced. This isn’t too much of a problem, and won’t be overly time consuming or expensive to handle. But at other times, reduced water pressure could be a symptom of the well itself running dry. In that case, you’ll need to contact a residential well drilling service. They can drill deeper and connect your well system deeper below the water table. In other words, even if the well itself is running dry, you don’t need to worry about losing your water permanently. You just need to make sure that you act quickly.

2. Strange Noises

This may seem somewhat of a vague indicator at first; but trust us, you’ll know when you hear the kind of strange plumbing noises that we’re talking about. If your plumbing vibrates, for example, this could be a sign that you need a well system repair related to the well’s pump. This is because the vibration is probably because caused by insufficient water intake, which is in turn changing the pressure of the water. Therefore, the pipes will begin to shake with the force of the pressure.

Odd noises like banging or groaning could be a sign that some other problem is occurring. Most often, these noises will be connected to faulty bearings within a pump. Therefore, the pump will likely need to be replaced either way.

3. Dirty Water

Most of the time, you shouldn’t have to worry at all about the clearness of your well water. Therefore, if the water running out of any of your faucets looks dirty, this could be a major sign that you need a well system repair.

Fortunately, you can get in touch with a water testing company in order to see if your water has been contaminated in any way. Even if your water doesn’t look dirty, you should still have hard water tests conducted regularly in order to check whether or not your water needs softening. Keep in mind that if water has zero 60 milligrams of calcium carbonate per liter it is classified as soft; 61 to 120 milligrams of calcium carbonate equals moderately hard water; 121 to 180 milligrams of calcium carbonate per liter equals hard water; and if the milligrams of calcium carbonate exceed 180 per liter of water, the water is very hard.

There are other indicators that your well system may need a repair, but these are perhaps the easiest to notice. Keep in mind that a well repair can usually be done quickly. You just need to have it handled before it gets out of hand.