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3 Signs Your Well System Needs Repair

Having a well can be a fantastic way to get an endless supply of water without paying a water bill. In the US, there are an estimated 13 million households getting their drinking water from a private well. However, that does not mean a well in maintenance-free. It will break down and need repair. Check out these signs that your well may need some attention.

No Water

When it comes to repairing well systems, a good indicator is when no water comes from your well. When you do not see water, it is an indicator that you need service for your pump. You should consider some troubleshooting first. First, you want to ensure there is power going to your well, so get the circuit breaker. Next, you may want to reset the pressure tank and check for leaking or broken pipes. If none of these seem to be the cause, you should contact professionals to assess your well.

Lack of Pressure

While not having any water is bad, having water with no pressure is almost just as bad. When it comes to repairing well systems, when you see a decline in pressure, that is usually the first indicator that your pump is failing. Reduced pressure may also occur when new appliances are added to your system. For example, a dishwasher, additional bathroom, or larger water heater may cause a reduction in water pressure. If that is the case, your well needs service to help keep up with the new demands of your household. You may also consider getting the service of an expert in water heater installation and repair to inspect and make sure that your heater is in perfect condition.

Dirty Water or Bad Smell

If dirty or bad-smelling water is coming out of your well, you may need a professional at repairing well systems to pay you a visit. If you notice the taste or smell of metal, it is most often the presence of harmless minerals. However, you should still consider having it checked to remove the minerals. If the water is dirty or smells bad, it could be a sign that the pump is too large for your well or that it is too far down in your well and this may lead to emergency pump repair.

To keep your well water tasting great, smelling good, and plentiful, you may need to have your well serviced. If you notice something different about your well or it is just not functioning correctly, contact a professional at repairing well systems.