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4 Advantages to Having a Private Well

Water is a basic need, and this is just one of the reasons why well drilling is an important activity within any community. In rural and country homes, well drilling is pretty common, and so if you search for home listings in such areas you should expect to find that many have wells. If you are wondering what some advantages having a private well could offer you, here are four of them.

You Do Not Depend on a Municipal Source

Although municipal water sources are convenient and easy to access for city dwellers, with a private well, you can stay safe. For instance, you can save yourself from issues like outages and sewer contamination, and you won’t have to worry about your water being affected if you notice someone is having sewer or septic repair around their property. You are also free to use the water however you please unlike when you depend on communal water sources which may have restrictions on their usage.

No Monthly Water Bills

With your own well, you can experience the joys of not making monthly payments for the water you use. While you will have to foot the initial well drilling cost and subsequent repair costs whenever something comes up, a private well pays handsomely for itself. An endless supply of naturally filtered and constantly renewable water is always at your disposal.

Your Property Value Goes Up

Properties with a private well often have a higher value especially if the condition of the well water is good, and the well itself is not too old. Not having to pay for water to a municipality is an attractive option for many people looking for a home, even more so if you also have a farm.

Healthy Water That Tastes Great

When you draw your water from a well, you know exactly where it comes from and there are no chemicals added to it for purposes of purification. This results in a cleaner taste as well as a boost of natural minerals from the earth which do our bodies good.

From a 2009 finding by the U.S. Geological Survey that 23% of private wells out of 2,000 studied had at least one contaminant that reached levels of potential health concern, it is important to make sure that you perform regular tests on your well water. This will let you enjoy all the benefits that come with having a private well.