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4 Benefits of Owning a Water Well

Owning a water well should not be overlooked as homeowners look into more sustainable sources for energy. In addition to providing peace of mind and lower costs for families, well water also has wonderful health benefits. Check out these 4 reasons for investing in water well drilling for your property.


After you’ve hired a water well drilling company to come to your property and dig your well, your water is practically free! There are a few costs that come with having well on your land, such as using a water filtration system and water softener. However, water well ownership is still more cost-efficient than paying a monthly water bill and some areas may even give you a tax credit for drilling a well.

Increased Property Values

A residential water well is becoming more and more of a benefit for homebuyers, particularly those who are looking to be more sustainable. If you’re thinking about selling your property and you’ve invested in drilling a water well but haven’t been using your water well, look into water treatment services to make sure your well water is in good condition. The environmental friendliness of a water well will put your property at the top of the list for many potential buyers.

Health Benefits

After your water wells have been drilled, you’ll need to get a hard water test to see what kind of filtration system you’ll need to use so your water is useable for everyday life. Once your filtration system is in place, you’ll have the benefit of using water that isn’t treated with chlorine or fluoride. Around 13 million U.S. homes use their water wells for private drinking water and well water has been shown to help with weight loss, brain function, and muscle and joint inflammation.

Reliable Supply

Owning your own water well is a smart move for any property owner because it’s tapping into a resource that can be pulled from just about anywhere. Having a well close to your house means that you never have to worry about a water main break in the city stopping your water supply. You don’t have to pay the fees to get water to travel all the way from the city to your home and you can enjoy the reliability of having water nearby anytime you need it.

Water well drilling doesn’t have to be a hassle. When you work with JB Water Well, you’re working with the superior water well drilling, repair, and testing experts in Oklahoma. Contact our team today if you’ve been thinking about drilling water wells on your property or if you need well water testing or water well repair.