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5 Benefits of Water Softening Services

Water running through your plumbing systems has varying degrees of hardness, depending on the concentration of calcium carbonate. The US Department of Interior and The Water Quality Association put in guidelines in which water with 60mg/L is classified as soft. Water with 61-120mg/L is moderately hard, 121-180mg/L as hard, and more than 180mg/L as very hard. A hard water test can help determine the levels within your home.

Having hard water flowing through your pipes is a huge inconvenience. It not only hurts your health but also damages your plumbing and water appliances. Water softening services that do water softening install can help treat hard water by removing the minerals present. The calcium and magnesium ions trapped in the resin are exchanged for sodium and potassium ions. Here are some benefits of water softening in your home.

1. Protect Your Plumbing And Appliances

Hard water contains harsh contaminants and minerals that corrode your plumbing. The galvanic corrosion weakens your piping, which can cause the bursting of your pipe, this is why you should consider getting a pex repipe for your plumbing system after a few years of living in the house. The insoluble scum eventually takes a toll on the lines and appliances by coating the inner side. You may visit This Site if you’re looking for the best top load washing machines in the market. Water softening produces soft water that puts less strain on your plumbing system. It may also protect your appliances from the hard scrubbing that may end up scratching the surfaces.

2. Enjoy Brighter and Softer Fabric

The minerals within the hard water get trapped between the fabric layers, leading to your clothes looking stiff and dull. The deposits left on your clothes will cause the colors to fade. Soft water lathers easily, making it easier to clean and rinse your clothes. Maintain a new, fresh look on your fabrics by getting a water softening system.

3. Better Hair and Skincare

Hard water reduces the lather in your shampoo and soap while bathing or showering. The hard water may cause loss of natural oils in your skin and hair, which may cause drying and cracking. It results in an itchy, scratchy skin with your hair becoming dry, brittle, and frizzy. Softening your water can help you get a deeper soap lather and easy rinsing of soap off your body and hair.

4. Less Cleaning Time

Cleaning using hard water can be time-consuming. You may keep rewashing clothes, and dishes that you feel are not clean enough. Glass and silverware may have a cloudy appearance after drying off, due to the deposition of minerals on the surface. You may also take hours on end scrubbing off the scum and curd on your shower walls and kitchen sinks. Soft water can help simplify cleaning within your home.

5. Saves You Money

Purchasing a water softening system can help you save money on multiple fronts. First, soft water does not damage your plumbing and water appliances, thus cutting on expensive repairs. YEs, you would need a professional like Make It Drain Plumbing & Rooter to install it, but it should pay itself back and then some after the fact. Additionally, it lowers the amount of electricity or gas consumed by your heaters, reducing your utility bills. Thirdly, you may only require a small fraction of the soap and shampoo to lather quickly, saving on your cleaning supplies.

Hard water can be bad for your health as well as your home. Luckily, water softening can help you mitigate this while still helping you save money, have cleaner and brighter clothes, and protect your plumbing. JB Water Well can help you perform a hard water test and offer water treatment services to soften it.