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5 Reasons Why Homeowners Choose Well Water

If you’re moving to an area wherein well water is easier to source than city water, or you’re simply considering well drilling for the future, you’re not alone. Research has shown that over 13 million households in the United States source their drinking water from private wells. At first, this number may be surprising if you aren’t familiar with well water. After all, there is a degree of maintenance that comes with sourcing your water from a well. This would typically include well water testing, well system repairs, and the basic upkeep that comes with being in charge of your own water system.

But well water is very much worth the effort, as we’ll discover below. There is more to sourcing your water from a private well than simply having control over your own water system. Furthermore, most of the concerns that you may have about sourcing your water from a well can be easily managed or may be outright misconceptions. Let’s look into some of the major benefits of using a private well for your drinking water.

1. It’s Healthier

One of the main reasons why people prefer well water to city water is that it’s often healthier. As long as you keep up with regular well water testing, you’ll know exactly what is in your water and will be able to see its purity for yourself. Public water is often treated with chemicals — in particular, chlorine and fluoride. While you can use a water filter in your home, it can be nearly impossible for a filter to effectively rid your water of these additives.

Well water filters naturally. This means that you’re just drinking the water, with none of these additional elements that you never asked for.

2. It’s More Cost-Effective

Though you do need to think about well maintenance when keeping a private well, it still is more affordable than city water in many cases. Each month, you pay municipal usage fees when you drink city water. You don’t need to worry about this when you own a well, and you’ll actually be eligible for state and federal tax credit options when you use a well rather than city water.

Well water testing and other services need to be done less frequently than you would pay for a water bill when using city water. Therefore, you actually end up saving money in the long term.

3. It Tastes Better

If you drink city water, you may very well have invested in a water filter due to its unpleasant flavor. City water can vary wildly, but many Americans report a metallic or chemical taste when drinking it.

This simply isn’t the case with well water. Though flavor is subject to opinion, lots of Americans report that well water tastes more refreshing and seems more natural than city water. Which, of course, is because well water is more natural than city water.

4. It’s More Environmentally Friendly

Among the main benefits of well water is the fact that it’s more environmentally beneficial than city water. Well water comes right from the ground and doesn’t require the chemicals and treatments that come with city water. The reality is that those chemicals don’t simply go away. They return to the earth.

Through well water testing, you can know what is in your water and ensure that you are being as green as possible. For that matter, you can get as much well water as you want while wasting less because it’s not coming from the same kind of massive system as city water.

5. It’s Yours

The most important thing for many homeowners considering well water is that they have control over their water. They can use as much as they want without the added costs that come with city water. They can add or go without whatever they wish. They can stay on top of any potential contamination risks and personally ensure that their water is as healthy as possible.

While this all comes with a certain level of responsibility, for most the benefits outweigh the upkeep. Well water is your water and you can make of it whatever you wish.