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How Often Should You Have Your Well Water Tested?

There are about 15.0 million wells for water in the U.S., and each of those water sources should be tested to ensure water safety. Well water testing is an essential maintenance activity that anyone that depends on well water should do regularly. The question is not whether you should have well water testing done, it is how often you should be doing it.

Why Is It Important To Regularly Test Your Well Water?

Many people make the mistake of thinking that if water is coming out of the tap, then their well is fine. There are a lot of reasons that you should have well water testing done but none more important than ensuring your family’s safety.

Well water comes from groundwater and as water makes its way into your well, it can bring other things along that you do not want in your water. Regular testing ensures that any issues can be identified and the problem can be addressed.

Knowledge Is Power

Well water testing not only tests for contaminants but can test for pH levels, hardness, and total bacteria levels. This information provides the information you need to develop a treatment plan for your water.

Having detailed information about your water will make treatment more targeted and effective. It is a simple way to gather in-depth information about the water that is entering your home and improve water quality.

What Do The Experts Recommend?

Government agencies like the Center for Disease Control and the Environmental Protection Agency recommend that all private wells are tested annually. Annual well testing creates a baseline of the quality of water coming out of your well, and makes it easier to detect any changes.

Gathering data about your well water on an annual basis can provide valuable information and assure well water safety. Regular testing can prompt early intervention if a change is detected. It is essential that you have a history of well water testing to refer to.

Don’t Estimate the Safety of Your Well Water

Well water testing provides facts about your well water that you simply cannot get any other way. Annual testing delivers peace of mind. Get the information you need to improve the quality of your well water.