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How to Maintain Your Private Well Water System

If you have a private water well system, you’re one of the over 13 million households that rely on private wells for their drinking water in the United States. It’s important to maintain your private water well system. Here are some top ways to maintain your well, to ensure that you keep your water supply clean.

Always Use Qualified Professionals

The rule of thumb is to never try to service your own well. Instead of a DIY approach, it’s best to call a qualified and professional water well system contractor to do the job. For starters, you should use a licensed company for the drilling process. This also applies after drilling whenever you need to get your well serviced.

That’s because if you try to service your own well, it’s all too easy to contaminate your well or damage your well pump in some way. In addition, chances are, you don’t have the right knowledge or equipment needed to service your well properly, so always leave it to a professional!

Keep Hazardous Material Away From Your Well

You should always keep contaminants as far away from your well as possible. This includes chemicals like paint, fertilizer, pesticides, and motor oil. In the same manner of speaking, make sure there is enough distance between your well and any buildings or waste systems. Even when landscaping, make sure the top of your well is well above the ground.

Do Your Homework

Before getting your water well system serviced, it’s important to research. You should also talk to the contractor, so they explain how the process works and what you need to know. Understanding how your well system works and any potential problems that might arise means you will act quickly and do the right thing to protect and maintain your private well.

In a nutshell, the best way to maintain your private well system is by always using a professional, whether you’re drilling a new well or servicing an existing one. In addition, you should take steps to avoid contaminating your well water. All this requires you to understand how your well system works.

One last thing: Preventive well maintenance will save you in the long run because it solves small issues before they become big problems that cost a lot of money. Most importantly for well owners, maintaining your well is crucial if you want to maintain the quality of water you drink. It’s not just a matter of cost, but health, which is why you should call us for all your private water well servicing needs.