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Signs You Have Hard Water

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Hard water is more common than you might imagine with many homes having hard water and the residents being totally unaware. Water does have varying degrees of hardness. Water guidelines state that water that has 0 to 60 mg/l of calcium carbonate is considered soft. When the water is 61 to 120 mg/l calcium, the water is considered to be moderately hard. If water has a concentration of 121 to 180 mg/l of calcium carbonate, the water is hard. Lastly, if the water is 180 mg/l or above it is considered to be very hard.

What Does Hard Water Mean?

Hard water is not something that you are going to notice right off. In most cases, you notice that your water is hard by paying attention to different issues that might be occurring. Look for signs like a strange taste, build-up around faucets and in tubs, or water that feels strange or leaves a film on your hands or body; you may also notice spots on your glassware.

Hard water means that there is a high concentration of the mineral calcium carbonate in your water that is causing it to be less than balanced. It can also cause other issues within your home. Hard water can damage your pipes which can result in a pipe could burst and can potentially flood your house. This would result in a massive amount of water damage and you might have to call in Water Damage Restoration Experts who can contain the flooding and fix any damage caused by it. For a quick response, you can ask for help from a local professional like Robinson Restoration; check out more info here. If you are experiencing water damage in Boise area, don’t hesitate to call the Boise’s best restoration company. A situation of this nature could be financially risky.

Furthermore, water accumulation may be a good breeding ground for pests. A rise in the pest population can be uncomfortable and unhealthy as well. You can ask for a pest inspection to see if there is a pest living in the area. The pest control services will perform an initial inspection to check every corner of your place, and you may visit a trusted and helpful website similar to missionpestcontrol.com/san-diego-ca. Typically, in such cases, you would have to contact a pest removal compahttps://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/local/hawaii/ny (look up to know more about pest control) to deal with the pest problem.

Also, hard water can be unpleasant to use, and it can just be a burden. Hard water can be common in homes that have a water well as the minerals make their way into the water from the ground. If you do have hard water, water softening services can help to filter the water and soften it overall.

Signs You Have Hard Water

As mentioned above, the most common signs are spots on dishes and other areas where water is allowed to dry, like your faucets and showerheads. These deposits are going to be white in color and will appear to be chalky. Water softening services can help to filter the calcium carbonate from the water and make it softer and more suitable for daily use.

Hard water can cause damage to the pipes of your home and it can also make your skin feel dry and uncomfortable. Hard water is an issue that is fairly common; with water softening services you can get rid of the hard water and it can be easier and more comfortable to use.