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The Different Water Treatment Services

Your home’s water supply may have sediments, minerals, and other pollutants that make it less than ideal for use. This is why you may need to have a water treatment service in place, so that you can improve the quality of water supplied to your home and enjoy the benefits that come with it, such as longer-lasting plumbing. Read this blog to see the different types of water treatment services that you can choose from.


The first of the water treatment services that you can choose from is ultraviolet water sterilization and filtration. This makes use of ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms that could cause illness and disease when consumed. It’s chemical-free and generally very effective, so if you’d like a method that doesn’t add chemicals to your water, this is the one to choose.


The second water treatment service is distillation, which makes use of a process of heating the water into a vapor and then cooling and collecting the condensed water. With this method, the water is removed from the pollutants rather than it being the other way around. This method does use a lot of energy so it may not be viable for everyone.


The third water treatment service that you may be interested in is filtration. The water is passed through a system to remove any color, odor, taste, turbidity, and sometimes even chemicals like chlorine. There are different specific designs of water filtration systems, and each requires slightly different maintenance from the other according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Reverse Osmosis

This method of water treatment reduces the contaminants in water by forcing the water through a semi-permeable membrane. The water molecules pass through the membrane while the pollutants are repelled, leaving water that’s cleaner and purer. This method is also chemical-free and economical to use.

According to The Groundwater Association, groundwater is 20 to 30 times greater than all of the volume of water in all lakes, rivers, and streams in America at any given time. This makes it likely that many people use it for their daily needs, and it’s therefore important to have a way of purifying it effectively. Call JB Water Well for help with choosing and installing the right water system for your property or maintaining and repairing your current system.