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Well Maintenance That Everyone Should Know About

According to EPA, over 13 million homes depend on wells for drinking water in the US. Many people know they need to take care of certain things around the garden to avoid any problems. One of the most preventable causes of illness and accidents is neglecting your well. Below are some well maintenance tips to ensure the health of your family’s water source and the safety of your well.

Test Your Well Water Should Regularly

According to reputable well services, water testing is crucial for any homeowner’s private water well. To avoid contamination and ensure a clean supply, you must test the well every three or six months. By following this simple step, you can keep on top of the quality of your water supply. Well maintenance ensures there are no contaminants. You should also have your well pumps serviced regularly to avoid costly damages.

Be Careful While Landscaping

It is essential to be careful when landscaping your lawn, not to let any of your tools come into contact with your well. By not taking precautions, you could risk damaging or even destroying your water supply. For instance, suppose you accidentally hit a well pipe with a lawn mower blade. Here, it could lead to cracked lines and even contamination of the water supply. If this happens and you are unaware of it, it can be disastrous for the quality of your water supply and overall safety. Therefore, it might be essential to hire professionals from reputable landscaping companies who can complete the landscaping project without doing any damage to the water pipes.

Keep Away Hazardous Materials Away From the Well

If any hazardous material is in your yard or near your well, you must keep it far away from the well. One tip to remember in well maintenance is never allow such items to come into contact with the water supply. For instance, suppose you have a well pipe that has been damaged and needs a replacement. In that case, do not work on the pipe near your well. Performing any task could lead to some severe problems in the water supply. It can also reduce quality.

You Need to Seal Off Old Wells

Professionals should replace old wells to ensure they do it correctly and safely. There is no reason an old, abandoned well should remain in use, while safety issues can be avoided by simply sealing them off. If there are any rusted-out parts on the well, remove them before using them. Also, old wells can contaminate dirt and debris if you do not adequately seal them. It would help to tear down any well without proper well maintenance to prevent any problems.

Wells can be a source of fresh water. A well draws directly from the ground without going through municipal systems like pipes or rivers. Proper well maintenance can make it much more workable for your home’s security. A professional can detect and repair problems before they become costly or life-threatening. To learn more about well proper well maintenance, contact us today.