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Why Do I Have To Boil My Water?

Boiling water is often something you are told to do in an emergency due to pollution from waterline breaks, extreme weather, and power outages. It is an innovative idea as boiling water will often kill harmful organisms and purify the water that you drink. It can remove microbes, bacteria, chemicals, and sediment.

Ways to Purify Water

Many consumers use water filtration systems sold in your local store or supermarket. There are several types of systems, and they range in cost. Many private homes have wells, and it is estimated that 13,135 million homes have their own well.

Well water is less contaminated, and many families require it when buying a home or building one. However, boiling your water before drinking it is an effective way to purify it, in addition to having a water filtration system. Even if you have well water boiling, it can be an extra step to make your water safe for use.

Benefits of Boiling Water

Boiling a pot of water can remove biological contaminants like bacteria, viruses, and microbes that cause illness in humans. Boiling the water will purify and kill these organisms. It can remove some chemicals such as lead and chlorine when you drink it. Some contaminants are not removed when you boil water. Boiling water does not remove minerals from the water, a substance that is good for your health.

Water Filtration Systems For Water

Many companies make water filtration systems for the whole household system or simpler ones for the kitchen faucet. This filter removes harmful bacteria and chemicals, purifying the tap water you drink. The prices of the systems that treat the whole water system are higher. Those that use reverse osmosis are more effective at removing harmful chemicals. This is another way to purify the water that you use every day.

How to Boil Water At Home

Before you boil the water from the tap, put it through a coffee filter if it looks cloudy or has particles floating in it. Put the water in a large pan or tea kettle and bring it to a boil. Lower the temperature after it boils and boil for about five minutes. Let it cool down to room temperature. Put it in a plastic container or glass jar and refrigerate. Use it for drinking water and making beverages for the family. This can add to the safety of your water. You can boil water for everyday use. You do not have to wait for an emergency order from your town or city. Minerals are not removed when you boil water.

Contact JB Water Well to learn more about filtration systems and how to purify your water at home. Safe water is an important part of good health and the minerals it contains.